A Specialist in Cutting Tools

Comsurge has been designing and manufacturing cutting tools for over 25 years and is recognized as a dependable source for high quality tools. We are a well-known, respected custom-made tooling supply company.

In order to supply our customers with the best values in the market for cutting tool services, our company's goal is to improve the quality of our products and upgrade production facilities. Our customers can achieve higher profit margins by selling our tools. As we continue to keep pace with the latest technological advances, we are consistently researching and expanding our product lines and services for customers.

We specialize in the industrial OEM and outsourcing markets.

With our company's expertise and reputation, we have OEM business relationships with major US cutting tool companies. We can consult you and help you find the right industrial quality tooling sources in Taiwan or China based on your needs. 

We aim to meet your company's:
(1) Tool Specifications (Quality, Profiles)
(2) Pricing
(3) Delivery needs

Our services include on-site quality control and monitoring order progress. Best of all, we will give you a product warranty in USA. We only deal with industrial-quality tool manufacturers-- not DIY or professional/contractor-quality tools. We tailor to our customers' needs and make the right tools for them. We are the first company our customers contact when they need custom-made or rare tools.

We look forward to establishing long term and friendly business relationships with our customers.

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